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The Birdsong Walk 2017

Photo Gallery - April 9th 2017

You will be able to read a full report of this event in issue number 53 (May 2017) of our Skylarks Newsletter - see the link to the 'On Line Archive' to the left. Here on this page, we have presented a 'Photo Story' of the morning.

FoWCP Picture FoWCP Picture Some of the participants with Park Ranger, Mark, at the start of the walk. They seem to be focussed on something already - perhaps that's Chris they are looking at, our photographer! The second picture shows off the fabulous hawthorn and blackthorn blossom in the hedgerow - where the group were trying to find one of the blackcaps that could be heard.
In the middle of the first picture you can see layers of fine white silk webbing that cocoons about fifty wriggling hawthorn webber moth caterpillars. FoWCP Picture FoWCP Picture
FoWCP Picture FoWCP Picture The lake always attracts interest. This year, the following water fowl were seen: moorhens, canada geese and mallards, plus a few dogs! {PS dogs are Not encouraged to enter the lake: they will certainly disturb the wildlife - and at this time of year, the various nesting sites.
The lake attracts yet more interest..... FoWCP Picture FoWCP Picture
FoWCP Picture FoWCP Picture If you get your e-magnifying glass out, in the first picture here you can just about make out a speckled wood butterfly! The second view is of the party on the bridge by the old oak tree, from where an abundance of wildlife can often be seen and / or heard.
The first picture here shows another view on the bridge by the old oak tree, while the second one is a close-up of the hawthorn webber moth caterpillars, mentioned above. FoWCP Picture FoWCP Picture

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