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WCP logo Watch the Aerial Video (provided by Keith Savill) [3 mins, 5 secs]

WCP logo Watch (and listen to) the second Aerial Video (provided by Keith Savill) [3 mins, 20 secs] February 2016
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The Quiz 2015

Photo Gallery - March 6th 2015

You can read a full report of this event in issue number 45 (May 2015) of our Skylarks Newsletter - see the link to the 'On Line Archive' to the left. Here on this page, we have presented a 'Photo Story' of the evening.

Here are a few photos and cryptic comments from our event held on March 6th 2015. For a report on the event, please see the May 2015 edition of Skylarks.
Quiz-master Michelle explaining the rules Quiz Night 2015 Those empty glasses prove that scoring is VERY thirsty work!!! Quiz Night 2015
If you couldn't remember which two newspapers carried the I Spy column in the 50s, you could always seek solace in the bar Quiz Night 2015 The 'clever clogs' on table 9 - who won by a wide margin! Quiz Night 2015
Concentrating hard on a tough question .... Quiz Night 2015 Concentrating hard ..... on the bar! Quiz Night 2015
Is my raffle ticket in there??? Quiz Night 2015 The 'two girls' trying bribery as a means of winning the raffle Quiz Night 2015

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