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The Quiz 2017

Photo Gallery - March 3rd 2017

You will be able to read a full report of this event in issue number 53 (May 2017) of our Skylarks Newsletter - see the link to the 'On Line Archive' to the left. Here on this page, we have presented a 'Photo Story' of the evening.

FoWCP Picture FoWCP Picture Phew! We're ready to go! All that moving around of tables and chairs was thirsty work - ask Richard!
Our brilliant quizmaster, Michelle - seen here awaiting the arrival of the players - ensured that the evening held fascination and pleasure for everyone by setting a brilliant quiz once again. Meanwhile, early arrival Martin took the opportunity to do a bit of last-minute swatting on his phone. FoWCP Picture FoWCP Picture
FoWCP Picture FoWCP Picture Richard and Annabel selling raffle tickets - and here were the prizes.....
Some people took 'healthy' nibbles - but others didn't! [Please don't ask where all those carrot and celery sticks got us in the final rankings.....] FoWCP Picture FoWCP Picture
FoWCP Picture FoWCP Picture Nikki and Dorothy on 'meet and greet' duties. Shortly afterwards, everyone had been 'met and gret', and the room was full, ready to go.
Half time approaching, and team 8 held the leaders' 'gold star' balloon. Meanwhile, the girls on table 3 were having a great time! FoWCP Picture FoWCP Picture
FoWCP Picture FoWCP Picture One of the perks of the hard-working markers and scorers: Nikki and Mike share a smile over one particular 'innovative' answer - probably from our table.... And winning a raffle prize evidently brought great delight!
Look who won the quiz - those clever clogs on table 10 have the gold star at the end of the evening! Including a very joyful Richard and Peter! FoWCP Picture FoWCP Picture

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