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WCP logo Watch the Aerial Video (provided by Keith Savill) [3 mins, 5 secs]

WCP logo Watch (and listen to) the second Aerial Video (provided by Keith Savill) [3 mins, 20 secs] February 2016
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The Skylarks 3K Race July 18th 2018

Another successful run, organised by the Pitsea Running Club, was held on the evening of July 18th 2018. The results for the July event can be viewed here.
The prize-winners were:
  • 1st Female = NICOLA BREDIN/
  • 1st Boy = JAKE SUSSEX
  • 1st Girl = ELIZABETH BELL
The winner, Crispen Bloomfield, very narrowly failed to break his own course record, which therefore still stands at 9 minutes 41 seconds!


Here are some photos from the July 2018 event.

WCP Picture WCP Picture WCP Picture WCP Picture
WCP Picture WCP Picture WCP Picture WCP Picture WCP Picture
WCP Picture WCP Picture WCP Picture

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