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Bird Song Walk: Report and Photo Gallery - April 12th 2015

It was a lovely sunny morning but there was a cold northerly wind when we set out on the Bird Song Walk. Turnout was very good with 28 people attending including Martin Singleton who was our guide for the walk. It was nice to see so many new faces. We were hoping to see some early spring migrants that would be returning from Southern Europe and Africa and we were not disappointed.

As we set off from the Pavilion towards the walkway over the reed beds we could hear a Chiffchaff singing and there were plenty of Robins singing in this area too as there were throughout the walk. A solitary Blackcap was heard here and a couple of Wrens too. As we came out in to the clearing two Blue Tits were spotted and a Crow , one of several seen during the walk, plus one of many Woodpigeons. A brief discussion took place at a sighting of a colourful Finch sat in a distant tree. Was it a Bullfinch? It had a very deep pinkish breast. However, on close inspection the white wing bars identified it as a Chaffinch. We again saw and heard many Robins along the path. As we arrived at the corner of the path, a male and female Blackcap were seen, fantastic! The female bird confused some of us due to its brown cap.

At the bridge that goes over the brook there was lots of bird activity in the large Oak Tree. We had excellent views of a Chiffchaff along with Blue Tits and a Wren. We took a slight detour from the path so we could have a look at the Lake. The water was very choppy but there were three Canada Geese on the water and a fourth was on the Island sat on a nest. There were a couple of Coots and Moorhens too. We walked back to the path behind the lake and were pleased to see two Comma Butterflies looking splendid in the sunshine. The next sighting was a distant Green Woodpecker which was only seen by Martin as the rest of the group were distracted by some very nice Long Tailed Tits. We walked along to the Pillbox and stopped for a few minutes to see what was in the area and a lovely Peacock Butterfly was spotted. Another Chiffchaff was spotted and the tinkling of Goldfinches was heard as they landed in the hedgerow. It was a pleasure to see the first Swallows of the year but only briefly as the wind was blowing them through pretty quickly. As we were looking around another bird was heard which canít be counted and that was a cockerel crowing!! A bit further along a Blackbird was seen along with a few House Sparrows. As we headed back towards the Pavilion two Greenfinches flew overhead and at least two Collared Doves were seen and a few Starlings. As we stood outside the Pavilion enjoying our tea and biscuits looking out towards the lake a Mute Swan and Mallard were seen and these were our final sightings of the day.

WCP Picture WCP Picture WCP Picture
The event leader, Martin, preparing the group for the walk and pointing out birds that might be expected to be seen The group looking at a chiffchaff, blue tits, and a wren in the big old Oak Tree by the bridge Studying the Goldfinches near to the Pillbox. How about that lovely clear blue sky?

Despite the wind we still managed to see 22 species of birds and the butterflies were a bonus too. Iím sure everyone enjoyed the morning. It definitely blew my cobwebs away!

(Written by Marie Singleton)