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Bird Song Walk: Report and Photo Gallery - April 28th 2019

The annual Bird Song Walk was held on Sunday 28th April 2019. There was only a small band of people who turned out for the event, perhaps it was the poor weather forecast or the lure of the bright lights of London for the Marathon, that may have influenced the attendance.

However, Mark Williams the Park Ranger, was our guide, and after introducing himself to the group, we set off from the pavilion heading towards the boardwalk. As we were walking along a large flock of Feral Pigeons flew overhead, a Great Tit was calling, and the unmistakable song of a Robin was also heard.

There were a few Woodpigeons flying around and our first Blackcap of the day was singing in the hedgerow. As we walked along the boardwalk at least two Wrens were calling, and another Robin was in full voice. As we came out at the other side of the boardwalk the distinctive call of the Chiffchaff could be heard and eventually it was briefly seen at the top of a small tree. As we headed towards the bridge, a few House Sparrows were heard and then seen chattering away in the brambles. Proceeding along the path a little Blue Tit was spotted, always a favourite bird. As we approached the bridge a Common Whitethroat was seen carrying out its display flight. A couple of lovely Goldfinches flew into the top of a tree and a Lesser Whitethroat was heard but proved to be elusive and did not show itself. A female Blackcap was seen here and despite its name the female actually has a brown cap. Tearing ourselves away from this productive area, we headed towards the lake and a Magpie (as the rhyme goes, one for sorrow) landed close by on the grass.

Around the lake area we saw Black Headed Gulls, a group of Canada Geese, a couple of Coots, Mallards and Tufted Ducks and one solitary Moorhen. We then headed around the Pavilion side of the lake and joined the path again. As we approached the second Pillbox, we noticed another Magpie (two for Joy) which was perched on the top of the Kestrel box, perhaps it was planning on using it to build a nest in. Around the Pillbox area, a couple of lovely Long Tailed Tits were chattering away at a Magpie (3 for a girl) in the hedges, they are such fabulous little birds. A Chaffinch also made a brief appearance here. As we skirted around the other side of the lake several Reed Warblers were singing away, obviously in the reed bed. At least 4 or 5 were heard so there is a decent population here.

We headed back towards the pavilion just in time as it started to rain. When we arrived at the pavilion Christine was there to welcome us and provide everyone with a hot drink and some biscuits which were most welcome. A good morning walk with 22 species seen/heard including 5 warbler species!

(Written by Marie Singleton)

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Bird List

  1. Feral Pigeon - A flock of around 15 were seen at the beginning of the walk.
  2. Great Tit - Around 3 or 4 heard singing at various places.
  3. Robin - At least 10 heard during the walk.
  4. Woodpigeon - 6 to 10 birds flying around the park.
  5. Blackcap - Around 6 birds heard, one female seen.
  6. Wren - At least 2 at the boardwalk, and others heard on the walk.
  7. Chiffchaff - Around 5 or 6 heard with one seen briefly.
  8. House Sparrow - 3 or 4 birds heard / seen.
  9. Blue Tit - Only 1 seen but at least 10 or more heard.
  10. Common Whitethroat - 1 singing and displaying near the bridge gave good views.
  11. Goldfinch - 2 landed near the bridge for all to see, several others heard/seen on the walk.
  12. Lesser Whitethroat - 1 singing near the bridge, possibly one more further down the hedgerow.
  13. Magpie - 3 or 4 in various areas of the park.
  14. Black Headed Gull - A couple flying around the lake.
  15. Canada Geese - Around 6 at the lake.
  16. Coot - 2 at the lake.
  17. Mallard - 2 at the lake.
  18. Tufted Duck - 2 at the lake.
  19. Moorhen - Just one at the lake.
  20. Long Tailed Tits - At least 2 chattering at a Magpie near the Pillbox.
  21. Chaffinch - Surprisingly just one near the Pillbox.
  22. Reed Warbler - 5 or 6 singing in the lake reedbed.