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In Autumn 2015, the unsightly storage container at the Park was transformed from an eye-sore into what has become a thriving home for nature! Please see the story in pictures below, courtesy of John Little, whose firm carried out the work. A point perhaps not so obvious from these pictures is that a roof garden has been laid on top, and the plan was that by Spring 2016 it would be full of flowers, and attracting many busy buzzing insects.


FoWCP Picture FoWCP Picture FoWCP Picture
'Before' - a 'Blot on the car-park'!

'After' - very smart, and the 'Insect Hotel' is now open for customers!

'After' - close-up of detail. Those little holes are carefully measured to attract different species of 'solitary bees'.

FoWCP Picture FoWCP Picture
Some of the personalities involved in the project, including Mark Williams, the Park Ranger (extreme right) and John Little (next to Mark)

The 'Green Roof', just after it was planted. By Spring 2016 it was expected to be a blaze of colour, and a fabulous food source for the insects.

Update - 2016

Now the Storage Container really has become a wildlife reserve!

Apart from improving the look of the previously very ugly storage container, the main point of the project to clad it was to encourage the wildlife. All those little holes are there to provide homes for various insects, which in turn would provide a food source and hence attract birds. Well now, a very happy Park visitor has highlighted the fact that some Tits are nesting in the roof lining! See the Visitors' Log for the full comment.

Our Green Roof is turning .... RED!!!???!!! (May 2016)

See the 'Garden in May' section on the Pavilion Gardens page.

Further Reading

More can be read about this project in issues 47 and 51 of our Skylarks Newsletter.