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Kite Festival and Classic Car Display September 13th 2015

You can read a full report of the event in issue number 47 (November 2015) of our Skylarks Newsletter - see the link to the 'On Line Archive' to the left. Here on this page, we have presented a 'Photo Story' of the day.

We plan this event as a Family day that participants can dip into at any time - perhaps for just an hour, or perhaps for longer. The Essex Kite Group (EKG) members brought along some kite kits, which could then be assembled after a few words of instruction from the experts - and flown!! We were so lucky with the weather and although rain was forecast it managed to hold off and at times the sun broke through. The Essex Kite Club members would have liked more wind so they could fly their large and magnificent kites. However, the hundred and fifty children who came and made their kites were not worried by the vagaries of the weather. Whilst awaiting their turn at making the kites, participants could have a go at the craft activity - such as, making a bird in a cage!

Meanwhile, members of the South Eastern Vintage and Classic Vehicle Club were there displaying some of their splendid, beautifully polished and maintained classic vehicles. And anyone who felt a little 'peckish' could enjoy a burger or other delight from the 'One Stop' mobile van. Back in the pavilion, after all that kite flying and car-gazing, a cup of tea or coffee went down very well!

Helping the children make their kites is very labour-intensive and we would like to thank Sue, Michelle, Mike, Jane , Maureen, Netty, Pat , Gill, Morris and Colin for helping the committee, so every child was able to go home with a kite they had helped to build. A special thank you must go to the Essex Kite Club for the kite material and for teaching us how to tie a bowline, and to Craig and his colleagues from the Classic Vehicle Club.

FoWCP Picture FoWCP Picture FoWCP Picture
Making the kites

Craft activity

More craft activity

FoWCP Picture FoWCP Picture FoWCP Picture

Lots of kites airborne!

Don't let the clouds take your eyes off the kites!!!

FoWCP Picture FoWCP Picture
A line of classic cars The other end