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Some of the money left over from the 'Dipping Pond' project was earmarked to provide a more suitable range of tools for the Wick Weeders (now Wick-ed Gardeners) group. Several websites and local garden centres were contacted and although all responded positively, it was Meadow Croft who took the trouble to look at our website and took an interest in the role of the Friends. The Manager, Simon, spoke to his suppliers and shortly afterwards he told us that Wilkinson Sword/Wolf would give us 7.5 % discount and Meadow Croft would match this so we would pay 15% less than the marked price! This was great, but there was even better news to come. Bulldog Tools would give us everything from our wish list for FREE!

An excited group of FOWCP gardeners went to Meadow Croft Garden Centre on the Old Woodham Road, Battlesbridge, to collect a wide selection of tools, including spades, forks, secateurs, shears and many more. After the handover and the photographs there was only one more thing to do and that was to celebrate with lunch in the Meadow Croft's excellent café.

Now the Wick Weeders are busy back at the Pavilion Gardens making good use of all the tools!

WCP Picture WCP Picture WCP Picture WCP Picture

We wish to thank Meadow Croft Garden Centre for all their help and generous assistance. For all your gardening needs please click on the link above to see what they can offer both the new and more experienced gardener. If unsure about anything they can offer excellent advice.

So what became of the money left over from the Dipping Pond Restoration? With agreement from all concerned, we have now installed two sets of cycle racks - one close to the Play Area and the other near to the Park entrance - which we hope will encourage families to cycle to the Park. Additionally, four benches have been strategically placed such that the refurbished pond can be admired.

Further Reading

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