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Wick Country Park Wildlife Sightings May 2020

It was in the midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic when our Secretary, Marie Singleton, and her husband, Martin (linked to the Wickford Wildlife Group) went for their permitted one hour of exercise around the Park. They came back with an account of some interesting wildlife sightings, as reproduced below.

"I thought you might like to know about our visit to the Wick C.P. today.

There are Canada Geese with chicks, we counted 5. The Mallards also have young, think there were 8 but they were at the far end of the lake & as I didn't have binoculars couldn't see too well. Also a Cuckoo has been heard, unfortunately we didn't hear it. That's nothing new for me, due to my poor hearing I struggle to hear a Cuckoo calling. Martin's hearing is fine and he didn't hear it. It's possible it was just resting and has moved on. We saw Speckled Wood, Peacock, Orange Tip & several white butterflies.

The Pavilion Garden isn't looking too bad considering, but the weeds are starting to take over in a few places. It's a shame as Wick Weeders had made good progress. Who knows when we will be able to restart???

We saw a Blue Tit going in to one of the holes above the doors on the container, I imagine it was nesting. I'd never noticed those holes before today. There seem to be a few bees going in and out of the insect homes at the side of the container. Also, I could see some flowers on the green roof. So all good news.

As we walked past the area where the teasel has been planted to attract Skylarks we noticed the stakes that had been put in as markers had gone. I am looking forward to the day when Skylarks return...... fingers crossed.

On the downside there was a lot of bread floating about in the lake and people there feeding the Geese etc., with bread. [Bread is NOT good food for wildfowl, especially not for the chicks.]

Most people seemed to be adhering to social distancing too, although we came across a couple as we were leaving who didn't think it applied to them!!! There were a few young lads in cars playing very loud music and I'm sure one was using a cream charger (think that's the correct term) of Nitrous Oxide.