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Our Chair, Nikki Gibson, spent a while enjoying the Park, armed with her camera, and came back with this great set of photos.

A close-up of the bee hotel, a detail on the Park's environmentally friendly cladded storage container in the staff carpark. Yule Ramble 2015 Fabulous Spindle berries - definitely worth a picture - if not a visit to see them yourself! Yule Ramble 2015
The North Benfleet Brook, which runs through the Park. In the Summer, it is largely hidden behind the lush foliage, but if you are very quiet - and also very lucky - you may just catch a glimpse of a Kingfisher dashing along the Brook. Yule Ramble 2015 The lovely ancient oak tree, which is located next to one of the bridges over the Brook. Yule Ramble 2015
Fantastic Autumn colours! Yule Ramble 2015 Teasels are a common sight in the Park in the Autumn - but they never fail to fascinate! Please do not disturb them, as they are 'home' to over-wintering insects, that in turn provide a key element in the food chain that supports the Park's wildlife. Yule Ramble 2015