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Wildlife Walks in the Wick Country Park


Reports on three different streams of reports on Wildlife Walks around the Park can be accessed through the links on this page:
  1. Monthly Wildlife Walks - first held in February 2020; Suspended from April to July 2020, due to the Coronavus Pandemic
  2. Annual Bird Song Walks - first held in March 2014; Suspended in 2020, due to the Coronavus Pandemic
  3. Bat Walks - Two Bat Walks were held in 2017. It was planned for such walks to become an annual event thereafter, but for a variety of reasons - including the Coronavus Pandemic - it took until August 2022 to restart them.

Useful Reference Information

  • For further information about any of the wildlife referenced on this page - or any other sighting of your own - please refer to The Wildlife Trust's Wildlife Exlorer.
  • For help with identifying common bird's songs please refer to The Wildlife Trust's Bird Song Identifier.
  • The RSPB's Bird Finder is also a very useful resource.
  • Please also see our own Flora and Fauna Page; this page, which is already quite comprensive, is still a 'work in progress'. Contributions from visitors to the park are openly invited - please email your comments to the webmaster
  • For help with identifying insects - please see the Amateur Entomologists' Society's Website, which provides a very useful reference source to help to identify and study insects found at the Park
  • For local expertise, please visit the Wickford Wildlife Society's Website. The WWS is a local wildlife group that provides a programme of nature-related events and talks. Members of the group also provide critical support for our Nature Quest / Nature Day events, lead the monthly wildlife walks and now also the annual Bird Song Walk, and are major contributors to this page on our website.

Monthly Wildlife Walks

Enjoy a sociable and leisurely walk of approx 1 - 1.5 hours around the Park, led by Martin Singleton, and assisted by other experts from the Wickford Wildlife Society. to watch and listen to the varied wildlife in the Park. If you come throughout the year you may be amazed at the changing patterns of sightings throughout the seasons. For details of future walks in this series please see this page.

Available Reports

Monthly ReportsAnnual & Six-Monthly Reports
September 2023IN PREPARATION
August 2023
July 2023
June 2023
May 2023
April 2023
March 2023
February 2023
January 2023
December 2022, December 2022 - pdf version Annual Summary: 2022 - pdf version
November 2022, November 2022 - pdf version
October 2022, October 2022 - pdf version
September 2022 - pdf version
August 2022 - pdf version
July 2022 - pdf version
June 2022 - pdf version
May 2022 - pdf version
April 2022 - pdf version
March 2022 - pdf version
February 2022 - pdf version
January 2022 - pdf version
December 2021 - pdf versionAnnual Summary: 2021 - pdf version
November 2021 - pdf version
October 2021 - pdf version
September 2021 - pdf version
August 2021 - pdf version
July 2021 - pdf version
June 2021 - pdf version
May 2021 - pdf version
April 2021 - pdf version
March 2021 - pdf version
February 2021 - pdf version
January 2021 - pdf version Photo gallery
December 2020 - pdf versionAnnual Summary: 2020 - pdf version
November 2020 - pdf version
October 2020
September 2020
August 2020 (day) August 2020 (night)
Summary: Jan to Jun 2020
May 2020 (closed to the public)
March 2020
February 2020

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Annual Birdsong Walks

For details of future walks in this series please see this page.

2023 Event (Sunday May 14th 2023)
Please note that the events scheduled for both 2020 and 2021 were cancelled due to the Covid pandemic, and the event for 2022 was cancelled because both the organiser and the substitute organiser had tested positive for Covid.
2019 Event (Sunday 28th April)
2018 Event (Sunday 8th April)
2017 Event (Sunday 9th April)
2016 Event (Sunday 10th April)
2015 Event (Sunday 12th April)
2014 Event (Sunday 6th March)

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Bat Walks

Event held on 6th August 2022. A report can also be found on the third page of Skylarks Issue 69.
Event held on 29th September 2017
Event held on 20th May 2017

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