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WCP logo Watch the Aerial Video (provided by Keith Savill) [3 mins, 5 secs]

WCP logo Watch (and listen to) the second Aerial Video (provided by Keith Savill) [3 mins, 20 secs] February 2016
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The Quiz 2016

Photo Gallery - March 4th 2016

You can read a full report of this event in issue number 49 (May 2016) of our Skylarks Newsletter - see the link to the 'On Line Archive' to the left. Here on this page, we have presented a 'Photo Story' of the evening.

Thirsty work - whatever that work is..... Quiz Night 2016 Getting ready - Nikki doing her 'warm up' act Quiz Night 2016
Now is that glass half full, or half empty? Quiz Night 2016 Typical!!! The girls have their drinks, and are toasting the coming quiz! The men are still queueing at the bar.... Quiz Night 2016
Underway - team 5 are in the lead! As indicated by the giant 'One' hanging over them. Well, what did you think it was? Quiz Night 2016 Michelle, Mike, Nikki & the giant scoreboard, showing team 8 now in the lead Quiz Night 2016
We should have censored this one.... "This quiz is just so much fun, and here we are, stuck behind the bar...." Quiz Night 2016 Either:
"Please Miss, I know the answer to this one", or
"Please Miss, may I be excused?"
Quiz Night 2016
Raffle draw time! Quiz Night 2016 Now let me see, 2 + 2, take away my first number, = Oh no! Not Shirkers & Workers winning again!! Quiz Night 2016
Members from the winning team picking up their prizes. Either that, or there is something VERY interesting on the floor! Quiz Night 2016 Where it all happened - just in case you forgot! Quiz Night 2016