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There are many references to skylarks on this website - for a start, our logo is based on this irresistible and intriguing bird, and it is also provides the title of our quarterly newsletter. Back in the early days of The Wick Country Park, Skylarks were commonly seen flying high in the sky overhead, but now they have sadly gone.

The Project's aims

This project concerned the regeneration of an area in the Park to encourage the Skylarks back by planting Teasel seeds, which were purchased for the Council by the Friends. A substantial area within the Park was prepared early in 2020, and it was sown in early April 2020. That all turned out to be unfortunate timing, as the sowing was followed by a prolonged dry spell - some rain would have promoted germination!

The teasel is a tall plant and is identified by a cone-like flower head with flowers that are tiny and purple, and then the seed heads turn brown in winter. Teasels are visited by bees when in flower and by birds when in seed. Importantly, the plants also provide essential cover for ground-nesting birds, such as skylarks.

The subject of this project - the beautiful and melodious Skylark! a skylark
Teasels coming into flower, early Summer. Bees love them - and they are very pleasing to the eye! The slightly spiky heads also provide excellent cover and protection for ground-nesting birds - such as the Skylark teasel flower
Teasels heads in Winter. The seeds provide food for birds, and the heads provide a hiding place for over-wintering insects. teasel flower

Project Update: March 2022 - Disappointing News!!!!

To be completely open, this project has turned out to be a huge disappointment. As at the time of writing (March 2022), the germination rate has been very poor, though we live in hope that those plants that did survive the untimely drought will self-seed and multiply. More can be read about this project in issue number 63 of our Skylarks Newsletter.

Project Update: January 2023 - GOOD NEWS!!!!

The January Jaunt, 2023 took us past the site of the Regeneration Project. Cancel the paragraph above!!!! Below please see some pictorial evidence that the Teasels are now thriving in that area - and hopefully, they will have self-seeded on a grand scale so this coming year should prove to be even better. Now all it needs is for Skylarks to be spotted flying above above, such as, possibly, on one of this year's Monthly Wildlife Walks.

teasel field teasel field