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TREE PLANTING PROJECTS 2011, 2012, 2021, 2022


There have been four different major tree-planting projects at the Wick Country Park since the Park was first opened to the Public back in 2002.
  1. In November 2011, the Friends secured a total of 105 indigenous tree samplings through a scheme organised by The Woodland Trust, and a working party of Friends planted them. Please see issue number 32. Please note that as at the time of editing of this note (April 2022), the 'further pictures that can be found on the website' have gone AWOL - but we have a search party out for them!
  2. In March 2012, the Basildon & Wickford Lions Club (sadly, no longer in existence) kindly sponsored the purchase of twelve indigenous trees, and a working party of Friends planted them. Please see issue number 33.
  3. In March 2021, following a collaboration between the Wickford Wombles and Basildon Council, a line of eighteen ornamental cherry trees were planted along one side of the driveway leading into the Park from Tresco Way - details can be read below, and in issue 67 of our Skylarks Newsletter.
  4. Following on from the Cherry Tree planting in March 2021, a further line of twelve Cherry Trees was planted along the other side of the driveway. Please see further details below.

Cherry Tree Planting - 2021 and 2022

Thank you, Wickford Wombles

The Wickford Wombles teamed up with the Council and secured a number of cherry trees that have been planted along the driveway to the Park. The trees were planted on March 3rd 2021. Please see the article in the Yellow Advertiser for full details.

Photo gallery - Planting of a line of ornamental cherry trees

Cherry Trees Cherry Trees

Cherry Trees Cherry Trees

Cherry Trees Cherry Trees Cherry Trees Cherry Trees Cherry Trees Cherry Trees Cherry Trees Cherry Trees

Update: the trees in flower! (late April, 2021)

gates_drive gates_drive

Further update: the nameplates on the trees (October 2021)....

As you wander along the pathway from the nice newly refurbished green gates, alongside the line of cherry trees, you may have noticed that those trees have all been given a name plate? Perhaps you are curious to know more? The Wickford Wombles came up with the idea of inviting people to sponsor a name plate for 10 each, with all procceeds being donated to the Essex Wildlife Trust. If you start from the end nearest the roundabout you may spot a pattern connecting the initial letter of each name, which spell out T H E W I C K C O U N T R Y P A R K.

Cherry Trees Cherry Trees

You might also have noticed that the area around each of the trees has been planted with wild flower seeds - thanks to Kim Oakes.

New update - more trees planted! (March 26th 2022)

The Wombles invited members of the FOWCP Committee to their second tree planting event at 10.00 on Saturday 26th March 2022. Alongside Basildon Council, they planted 12 more trees along the driveway to the Park - this time along the left hand side. A lot of the money for the trees was raised by the Wombles on a fundraising page and by people 'adopting' the trees planted last year.

Please find below some pictures taken on March 26th 2022

Cherry Trees Cherry Trees Cherry Trees Cherry Trees