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Monthly Wildlife Walks

Key Details

Description: Started early in 2020 and organised by Martin Singleton of the Wickford Wildlife Society (WWS). Held monthly, on a Wednesday morning, Martin will be facilitating a sociable and leisurely walk around the Park looking out for, and recording, birds and other wildlife spotted or heard. Martin provides a report on each event, and also presents an annual summary. These events are free, but if you are interested in joining them, please register interest with Martin, so that you can be notified of future plans by email and / or WhatsApp. You are advised to 'get in the loop' because sometimes it is necessary to vary the date and / or time from the standard pattern. If you come throughout the year you may be amazed at the changing patterns of sightings throughout the seasons.
Date: Usually held on the third Wednesday of the month, with occasional variations. [Please note that along with most of our other planned activity, these events were suspended due to the Coronavirus Pandemic for several months, but they have been reinstated]. Remaining planned dates for the current year are displayed on our Calendar page
Venue: The Wick Country Park - meet at the Pavilion
Time: 10.30 a.m.
Duration: Variable, usually one to one and a half hours. Cost: FREE
Directions: Please see here
Parking: If you travel by car, please park tidily within the marked bays that are accessible via the drive-way off the roundabout in Tresco Way. If you are able to do so, we encourage visitors to walk or cycle to the WCP; cycle racks are provided by the 'Staff carpark'.
Toilets: We have no access to the toilets for these week-day walks because the Council has leased the Pavilion to a Day Nursery
Refreshments: We are unable to provide refreshments for these week-day walks because the Council has leased the Pavilion to a Day Nursery

For more Information about the Wickford Wildlife Society, please visit the WWS website.

Past Events

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